The Importance of Air Filtration

Maintaining a healthy work environment as the world begins to reopen from the Covid-19 pandemic will be a struggle for many businesses. Proper air filtration will play a significant role in protecting employees and the general public from viral air conditions.

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Air filters are necessary for maintaining clean air because they trap various allergens, pathogens and dust from entering the air we breathe. Air filters remove these particles from the air as they pass through the filter. Particles are trapped each time the air is recirculated and passed through the filter. Ensuring that your business location has the proper filter type and efficiency will help to reduce the amount of pathogens in the air. This is especially important in areas where maintaining a social distance is challenging.

Merv Rating DiagramMany pathogens, like the coronavirus, are transmitted on water droplets or dust particles in the air. Small particles like these are usually light enough to remain airborne for some time and therefore could potentially contribute to the spread of disease. HVAC filters are designed to remove particles from the air and come in a variety of MERV ratings, allowing for a wide range of particle sizes to be trapped. A MERV rating is the minimum efficiency reporting value of the filter. A lower MERV rating would capture the least amount of particles. As the MERV rating increases, more and more particles are able to be captured. Now that businesses are starting to reopen, it will be important to choose the correct MERV rating to ensure quality air hygiene and reduce the chances of the virus spreading within your office or facility. 

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